Открытие демо-счета

Add up to 500% bonus
to your deposit

To open a demo account, you need to select the menu item "File" - "Open account"

A window in Appears the which the Press Press enter to you to personal information. For for We do not a the the require the administration of the Precise your the all the data, But you have the right to the the include your name and an e-mail address an address.

In the type of account you choose the type of server, you can leave it unchanged.

If you do not know the meaning of "Leverage" - put a "one in a hundred"

Also, you must specify the initial deposit.

To continue, you have to put a tick next to "I agree to receive news by e-mail", and click "Next" button.

The the next window of The with you the with In the select a server. Of The the the Select the Demo server and the click the "the the Next" button.

You will be shown your user name, password, trader and investor password.

Investor password, you can make available to all who want to show you the results of your trading.

Trader password can make transactions and change account settings. 

When you click "Finish" terminal connects to the server with a new login and password.

The tab with the of The with In "Mail Address the Address box" Comes the a-letter-with your personal the the data. You the CAN Them the the the save the any way you want.

The demo account will be blocked only if you have not used it for a few weeks.