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The program of MetaTrader 4, you can advance to save any number of desktops with their own settings, types of patterns and the location of chart windows. 

In the beginning we show how we can simply switch between profiles desktops. At the bottom of the screen, we see the name of the current profile. Clicking on the left mouse button, we open the context menu where we can choose any of the profiles available to us. 

In the beginning, you have 5 profiles: Default (the default), the Euro, Market overview, Pound and Swiss Franc 

Profile selection is performed by pressing the left mouse button. Also, to advance to the next profile, you can press F5 kontrl, 

and to go to the previous Shift F5. 

Deleting and saving profiles. If you have created a desktop, the form of which you would like to save, simply choose File - Profiles - Save Profile As ...

Or you can choose the same profile from the context menu. Once saved, you can choose your profile at any time. 

To delete a profile, simply select "Delete" and select to delete the profile.