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Window "Terminal" opens access to various opportunities Meta Trader 4. This allows a trader can: monitor the state of trade, view news and account history, set signals, as well as working with internal mail and system journal. 

The window can be opened by menu command "View - Terminal", by pressing the double shortcut Ctrl + T or "terminal" button on the toolbar. 

 The window has several tabs: Trade - Here you can see the status of open positions and pending orders, manage all trading activities. 

Trading Rows contain all the information about the order including the name torgovgo Simola, time and cost of opening a position or set the order, the volume of the lot, tekuschyi result of the transaction, and other information. 

TRADE is of a of a controlled by using the the the a a context menu The user is of The the user is. It is Caused by right-clicking the the in the field of TRADE or on specific '' orders '' and Allows you to: the the open a new, modify or address address close e-an e -order, the set "trailing stops's ", the customize the Relevant fields of the table.

Double click the left mouse button on the open position causes its control box, 

and double click on the position in the fields of Stop Loss and Take Profit - box directly change position; 

Of The the Account the the history - are for for stored is is the the history for all trading the the Operations and the balance of the account without taking Into the account the the the open positions. According to the records of the the this the the tab, you the CAN an an analyze the performance of all your An Insider activities Insider trading. Records,, the the the History the tab Also the the Displays the complete information about the Transactions. 

Display the required fields of the table and configurable period of history from the context menu option you want. 

Dragging the mouse on the order schedule, will warrant a story on directly on the chart; 

News,, - all found! Found here have have come, have have come to the terminal, the the Financial the news. This Operational Hour Hour information is indispensable for Fundamental analysis and building your market forecast. Of of The of The The table is the Be Be published, the news receipts, its '' theme is is and category.

In the context menu functions are available to copy and display options. 

Tab "News" can be omitted if the news has not yet been, or the option Enable news disabled in the terminal settings. 

Alerts - This the the tab Allows you to the the view and the the configure a to Variety of signals. Of of As the signals the CAN the the ask the the any executable files is is in the the the operating system (Including the the audio) and outgoing an an e-mail address address messages. For for They need to the the BE the Notified about events in the market, for example, the the if you Moved away the the from the monitor, and you are Afraid to miss the Desired the the event. of the signal is a a supplied the the if the purchase price or sales Rises the above or falls the the the below a predetermined of value of, or the when the a specified '' of value of time. the the Control signals derived View from the View Take a context menu the user is. 

In it, you can create, edit, delete and disable the alarm. 

When you turn off the signal is not removed, but is no longer working. 

Of The the send letters to the the To the Commission of the the the event a a must the the set the parameters The of The of the A A mailbox in the program settings; Mailbox cmdlet a cmdlet - the the tab the the this the the contains all the letters That the CAME to the terminal by internal,, an an email .

From here you can quickly send an email to the system administrator and technical support; 

Experts - is published action attached Trading Robot - expert, for example, the opening / closing of positions, modification of orders, personal advisor posts, and so on; 

Magazine - the magazine is fixed information about terminal launching and about events during its operation, including the execution of all trading operations. 

Some tabs "Terminal" window may be omitted if they have no information or hidden as long as no need to display them appear.