Панели инструментов

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The terminal Meta Trader 4 has four toolbars, which are buttons mimic the main terminal command. 

Amount and composition of The, you CAN modify, and the Arrange Them on a button on each panel for the commands The are most often the use you. The To do the this, the click-right on the panel and from the a context menu The user is, the select "the Customize Toolbar." 

In the left pane, the settings pane contains a list of available buttons on the right side - buttons are already present on the panel.

The drag and simple A-drop buttons bmp from one's list to another, you CAN or the remove the add buttons bmp from the the toolbar. The Use the Up and the Down The buttons bmp CAN you the change the order of the buttons bmp.

Despite the fact that by default, all the panels are in the upper part of the terminal - under the main menu, they are floating and can be freely moved around the screen, as well as attaches to any of the terminal edges.

Of the a four Each panel includes buttons bmp commands The specific purpose. Plesk Panel of Standard - the contains general of terminal management and the teams TRADE. Such as with turning on / off of the market survey of windows, danyh of windows and the navigator, opening NovSU the schedule, the opening order. 

Panel Period - switch between the standard timeframes button graphics. 

The Charts Bar - with the associated command and control charts Contents Technical indicators directory. Switching Between the Different kinds My of the graphics - bars, candle, line, graph scale, indicator the overlay menu The user is the templates, management and SO on. 

Graphics toolbar - contains buttons insert frequently used graphics and cursor shape buttons.