Окно данных

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The data window displays information about the price parameters bar or candle to which you point the mouse cursor.

Switch data window using the key combination "Control Te" or by pressing the appropriate button on the Standard toolbar. 

Your mouse over with Roll the screen and you see the will of the change field values ​​in the data the window. The To the BE Easier to the Determine what is the bar the HSE values ​​in the window switch statement courses Placement in the the mode the crosshairs. You CAN do the this by Pressing the middle mouse button, or Konopka toolbar  graphic tools.

Now for any bar on the graph you can see all the necessary information. 

The information about the Displays Characteristics of the price bar is convenient But not only the function of the window the data. The Add to the schedule the any indicator, and in the will of the data window Appear with a line of its 'name and its' values ​​on the lines indicated The by the bar. 

You can add multiple indicators on the chart for each corresponding line will be allocated in the data window.

Avoid Confusion the To, you CAN a leave the the data window only information about specific indicators directory. The To do the this, the the open the display properties window, 

Showing tab and uncheck the Show in the data window, if you do not want the data of the indicator shows in the data window. 

Using the context menu of the window, you can copy the information window for further use in other applications, customize its appearance and the amount of information displayed.