Обзор рынка

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Show or hide the window, you can use the buttons on the Standard toolbar using the View menu of the main menu, or by using keyboard shortcuts "Control Em."

In the Market, you can see a list of characters or financial insturmentov on which the terminal is available quotes.

In the line of each available character displays two Exalt - Bid and Ask, ie the price for which you can sell and buy the instrument. 

Using the context menu, which is called as usual - by pressing the right mouse button in the window, you can add a display in the window of the information fields, such as Minimum and Maximum, or the arrival time quotes. 

It is important to understand that not necessarily display all available characters in principle in the window. The broker can offer you quotes on a large number of tools, and you in turn can customize the display in the Market Watch only those characters that are interesting to you. This is done via the context menu of the window. Select any one of the configured set or a complete list of available tools. 

Tools that are already shown in the box are highlighted in yellow. 

Available, but not selected are shown in gray. 

To add a symbol to the market overview window, double-click it with the mouse, or by selecting it, click on the Show button. To delete a character from the window Market Overview - select it and click Hide, or simply click on it twice. 

 Additionally, you can watch the tick chart of the selected financial instrument in the Market Watch window. for that you click on the line symbol and click the tick chart tab. 

Another handy feature of the window Market Overview - this window of quotations, which can be activated by pressing "TF-10" or via the context menu of the window. 

quotes window has its own context menu that allows you to customize the quotations window convenient for you way. 

By default, this window is always on top of other windows, and the font in the window when it is scaled automatically changes its size.