Add up to 500% bonus
to your deposit

 How does it work?

Register an Account

No account verification for
receiving bonus

You can receive bonuses to unlimited number of accounts

Deposit and select the bonus %

Select the bonus from 50% to
500% right when you are making a

No deposit and bonus amount

Bonus is credited automatically to
each deposit

Make more profits

No leverage restrictions

No bonus expiry period

Withdraw your bonus any time

Withdraw your bonus by parts

+500% advantages to your account:

  • Bonus is reflected on your account as “Credit”
  • Bonus increases your leverage: leverage 1:500+500% bonus=leverage 1:3000
  • Bonus is withdrawable
  • You may convert bonus to your deposit at any time and
    withdraw it.

Can the bonus be cancelled?

Bonus is cancelled only in case of Stop Out (when (Equity-Credit)/Margin <10%). Bonus cannot be used to support open positions that’s why it is cancelled. To avoid this, make sure that (Equity-Credit)/Margin >10%.

When you withdraw money from your account the amount of withdrawal multiplied by 5 is deducted from the bonus amount simultaneously.